Simple Grupa Ltd. is a company established with the aim of initiating production of innovative solutions within the area of new technology.

We nurture a supportive working environment to our employees. Also, we do our best to ensure high-tech equipment and continuous development. This healthy working environment encourages creativity, provides innovative and smart solutions and for our investors provides quality and professional performance.

Top quality performance

Our business approach is to provide top quality products and services, which distinguishes us as a desirable business partner at all the markets we operate in. Due to a well defined and set up business process, we are able to deliver any agreed quantity of products, which are of a uniform superior quality, together with all the accompanying certificates and attested documentation.

We are proud that we have developed a unique product for the dental industry which efficiently removes toxic dust from the operating environment and saves health of dental technicians also contributing to significant financial savings. Intelligent vacuum valve prevents the development of occupational diseases such as allergies, kidney stones, as well as lung and gastrointestinal cancer.

We see the future as the world we want to live in. Future in healthier enviroment with smarter and more functional solutions for less burdened and more comfortable everyday life. From the most complex areas, we are creating simple and affordable solutions for improving everyday life and save Your time and health for more precious moments.

Let's make it simple with Simple Grupa!
Mario Geušić, CEO