Using versatile production capabilities and other available technology, we produce intelligent and innovative products that challenge old paradigms. Thanks to our experts and technological possibilities on a higher scale, we can deliver high quality products designed from scratch in a quite short time. Every new product is customized to neetly fit it's purpose and deeply enhanced by the touch of science. With simplicity on mind, the systems are almost autonomus needing only minimum of maintenance and control.


Our solutions and products are:

  • customized for purpose but smart and upgradeable
  • deeply enhanced by the touch of science
  • created to ensure better quality of life
  • environmentally friendly
  • beautifully designed
  • user friendly

1. Concept design and planning

Knowing creation value, we enjoy creating intelligent, meaningful and upgradeable products. Based on brainstorming and proof of concept with small teams of top scientists and experts in various fields, plans are made for allocating valuable resources in minds, machines and technology.

For human resources, production processes and for allocating plant machinery resources, Simple Grupa uses backward and forward scheduling. Process of arranging, controlling and optimizing work and workloads are maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Only optimised and tested solutions are offered. .

The only way to do great work
is to love what you do.

~ Steve Jobs

2. Manufacturing

Up to date with implementing new technologies through continuous investment in production facilities and professional development of our employees.

As we take care of every detail, from custom made design to best possible materials, we still ensure our products are affordable and easy to use.

Experience and know-how accumulated over previous challenges are infused with new ones. If needed, we offer fast and highly accurate production of required additional parts.

3. Testing

Ensuring the best possible quality, each product segment is particularly tested as well as a finished product, both in real and simulated conditions.

Important upgrades are suggested through the testing process as a feedback.
Testing Procedures are performed for parts and products validation and verification.
Products are preassembled and tested in favour of end user.

4. Sales and sales support

Our professional team ensures products delivery, installation and individual testing after installation.

Relevant technical documentation, Technical Manuals, Instruction Manuals, attest and warranty are provided with our products.

New and old users have full support on education for using product in every needed detail.

5. Long term relationship

Reliance and satisfaction of our customers are very important to us.

To retain a high level of innovation, we ensure the ability to upgrade already supplied products with new technology.

We believe in long term relationship and to our customers ensure full custom made support at any time.