We live in a world with endless possibilities omitted only by our imagination. Curiosity and aspire to excellence lead us through diligent and persistent development. Focusing distributed knowledge into bright new ideas gives us the very edge of possible, as for only the best experts from various fields are engaged into creation. Systematic is represented as a higher sense of using one or multiple products with intuitive and easy to use control software. Scheduling for autonomous work of multiple units is the future system solution.


  • End User with a challenge.
  • Curiosity and eternal quest for knowledge as a core of every idea.
  • Knowledge is our tool within an idea is our focus.
  • Exploring the field of service, thinking few steps ahead.
  • Multiple phenomenon are always investigated, plus one almost impossible.
  • As consultants we engage experts and companies for specific technology or the innovators themselves.


  • Starting with meticulous plan, from scratch, a 3D puzzle is made by hand on paper.
  • Giving it a second thought, and a third, through critics and brainstorming, a higher sense is being made.
  • Top of the technology is what we do to turn imagination into reality.
  • Diligence and persistence come handy, and we've got plenty of that.
  • To ensure the best possible product, several different solutions are always tested.
  • Permanent functionality of vital parts in neither case, environment or circumstances must not fail.


Best results are always achieved through collaboration among experts, market investigation and knowledge management.

To ensure highly functional quality products, synergy of top scientists and experts in various fields is achieved. Dynamic teams fit for dreams.

We cooperate with many international companies, institutions, organizations, public, private or scientific. Hard to have all the knowledge under one roof comes hand in hand with creativity wanting it's liberty. 

Play is the highest form of research

~ Albert Einstein


To ensure overall product quality, assemblies and particular parts are being strategically tested for durability as for its function both in real and simulated conditions.

Testing and debugging are done persuing stability and functionality of the whole system.

Important aspects in every way are maintenance and complexity of product assembly. Maintenance must be minimal or none and spare parts must be easy to replace or be done by the unit itself.

Innovation in action

One is not aware of a problem until seeing a solution.
Let's make it simple with Simple Grupa!   

Our products and technologies can be used in a wide range of industries around the world for improving working conditions and environmental health.

Simple and easy to use solutions, yet custom designed for each customer, aiming for maximum functionality and quality is what completes the picture of our products as unique and exact solution for your problems.

Products are being developed to be user friendly and with a positive impact on the environment, health and well being of millions of people every day. Customers enjoy using and recommending our products as for they are simple and affordable solution for their complex problem.